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Dani Gal

The works document three young rappers who are trying to achieve success in the hip hop industry.


In the videos, Nymesis, Blind Fury and P-Star tell their stories, present their agendas, talk about the way they are trying to position themselves in the hip hop game and demonstrate their artistic skills.


Nymesis video, 12 min

Nymesis is 19 years old and lives in Harlem NY.

He goes daily to the street corner in 125th and St Nicholas Ave., where he and his friends sell cigarettes in the black market for a living. He Battle Raps occasionally with the bypassers who dare to battle him.



Nymesis 125th street


Pricilla Dies a.k.a P-Star is 9 years old. She started to rap when she was 7.

She lives in Harlem NY with her older sister and her father Jesse who is also her producer.


P-Star has been filmed by a few hip hop DVD magazines in NY, performed in different clubs in the city, won 8 beauty pageant competitions and she is about to sign on a major Music label.




P-Star, video, 30 min

Blind Fury

Stephen Norris a.k.a Blind Fury is 21 years old, was born and grew up in Camden, South Carolina. He has rhymed since he was 9.


A few years ago he started to rap and battle in the local club scene where he met his friend DJ Mellow. Mellow contacted his friends DJ spice & Darrell Jones from NY, They believed in Fury’s potential and decided to produce him under their production company 3 wise men.


Blind Fury made the finals on MTV’s “mc battle” award and came in the third of the top five in the country, he is performing nation wide and is currently working on his first E.P.





video 11 min