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About "Earth"

Well the work EARTH is about the hopelessness, and actually the very

first inspiration for me to do that was my own life at the time, but

that was just the first step. Well I don't know how much you are familliar with the lives of people here in Iran, It's very complicated. The Government and the propaganda you see or hear about Iran is somehow different from what is going on inside the society here, however the government exists and has the power.


Let me explain in this way: If you are a woman artist from a country in middle east, you're doing one of the most difficult things in your life. To compare Iran is actually better one in this region, and I say that because of the the number of the female artists here in Iran, BUT... that is okay untill you have nothing to say!! It's safe if you just play with the "arts' materials", and if you say something they do not undrestand... well there appears the problems, here if you are a woman you have to be "a good mother", and well... if you want to do some thing more it certainly is a "kind of hobby", THAT'S REALLY SAD, a dead woman is better than a woman who wants more than what we want her to be (we = the government + the society), but in this 30 years

they prefer all the men and women to live their lifes in the same way, in other words if you are a human being living here in Iran you might have what you want, but it should be amongst the things they say is good for you (they = government), e.g. if you want to go to the university you can go (today most of the students of universities in Iran are female), but if you know something more than what we want you to know (we = government = the god's will on earth) and if you want something more than what we've given to you we put you in prison (the students' movements in universities)..., you can be a writer but if you write about things we've not permitted, we'll kill you (the serial killing of the Iranian writers), if you are a woman you are half af a man therefore if you want equality as a human being, we arrest you and put you in jail (movements af the Iranian women), and you can vast this kind of thinking to all aspects of life... If you are a woman artist and you don't want be a second handed class, and you want to be what you want, well we will regect you as far as we can (we = government + society), and THIS "we" will bury the thoughts we do not like.


BUT the fact is that all of these THINGS that they prefer to be buried they do exist, all the things I mentioned in above exist, you have just to put away a small amount of dust by the fingers of your hand to see the reality that they've always tried to put under the "EARTH" ... .