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if you like to order "here`s a little story..." + Mix-CD for 6 € please contact :



"here`s a little story"


have you ever heard of wanda dee, first female deejay and early member

of afrika bambaataa`s zulu nation? do you know the mercedes ladies, the

first all-female-dj-and-mc-crew? have you heard of the battle between

antoinette and mc lyte, the disses between salt-n-pepa and l`trimm? did

you know that roxanne shanté became famous over night at the age of 14

by the answer track "roxanne`s revenge", long before this was pressed

on wax? you know krs-one? ever heard of his ex-wife, ms.melodie? make


jee-nice presents the second edition of "here`s a little story that

must be told". from a - z all about devastating microphone

grandmistresses, lady def jams, battle queens, mixmistresses, fly

emcees and spinderellas from back in the days (1976) to 1990. enjoy &

spread the word!

in the package you`ll find an exclusive "here`s a little story..." -

mix with rare tracks on it. so don`t miss jee-nice on the decks in your

town and dance to your favourite rapmusic.


here`s a little story that must be told is a research project (concept,

graphic, mixing) by Jeannette Petri


here`s a little story that must be told/black & white/48 pages/21x29,7