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Axiom: Democratisation in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East with Angelica Wyka and Uriya Shavit

Axiom: 17. Januar, 14-16 Uhr - Demokratisierung und Medien in Ost-Europa und in der arabischen Welt: Angelika Wyka und Uriya Shavit. Mariam Tutakhel über Medienpolitik in Post-Konflikt Staaten am Beispiel Afghanistan.


Should Muslims integrated into the West? by Uriya Shavit


play: Uriya Shavit


play: Uriya Shavit, Mariam Tutakhel



Uriya Shavit


Dr. Uriya Shavit of Tel Aviv and Frankfurt University specializes in the study of democracy in Arab thought. His most recently published article is "the Road to Democracy in the Arab World" (Azure, No.26, 2006). His forthcoming book, The Wars of Democracy: The West and the Arabs since the End of the Cold War, will be published by the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies in 2007.



The Road to Democracy in the Arab World


The 2003 American invasion of Iraq was designed to establish a new democratic foothold in the Middle East. In so doing, it sought not only to offer an enlightening example to the oppressed peoples of the region and a warning to the autocrats who rule them, but also to set the entire region on a course toward liberalization and peaceful coexistence with the West. Yet, in the nearly four years since the invasion began, and despite the Bush administration’s promotion of democracy in other Arab states, the region has become significantly less stable from the point of view of Western interests, and more hostile towards Western values.