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Axiom, 20. Juli 2016, Gespräch mit dem Soziologen Siri Hettige über die nächsten Entwicklungsschritte in Sri Lanka. play: Siri Hettige


Siri Hettige is Senior Professor of Sociology at the University of Colombo. He is former Head of Sociology, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the same University and former President of the Sri Lanka Sociological Association. His other current positions include Chairman, Social Science National Committee of the NSF, Sri Lanka, Adjunct Professor at RMIT University, Australia, and Adjunct Research Associate at Monash University, Australia. He has many publications to his credit on such diverse topics as social inequality, social protection, youth unrest, education and health policy, ethnic conflict and migration. These include a number of books, edited volumes and more than a hundred papers published in edited volumes and refereed journals. He has also served on a number of government commissions and committees as a member as well as an advisor over a period of 20 years. He has been a consultant to a number of international organizations such as the ILO, the World Bank and IOM.



Research and Publications


Books, Edited Volumes and Monographs:


2014 - Social Transformation and Youth: Changing life chances of youth

in Sri Lanka, co-edited with Elvira Graner, University of Heidelberg, Germany

and Harini Amarasuriya, OPU, Sri Lanka.


2014 - Hettige, S.T. (2014) Consequences of Group Violence involving

Youth in Sri Lanka in From Bullies to Terrorists: The Causes and

Consequences of Group Violence edited by James Hawdon, John Ryan

and Marc Lucht, Chapter Number. Lanham, MD.: Lexington Books,



2014 - Hettige, S.T. (2014) Urbanization, modernity and Community in the

Global South: the Case of Colombo in Supriya Singh, Yaso Nadarajah,

Martin Mulligan and Chris Chamberlain (eds.) Searching for Community:

from Melbourne to Delhi, New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, forthcoming.


2014 - Hettige, S.T. (2014) Policy Responses to Precarious Work in Sri Lanka

in Kalleberg, A.L. and Hewison, K. (eds.) Confronting Precarious Work in

Asia, Taipei: Academia Sinica (forthcoming).


2014 - Governance, Conflict and Development in South Asia, Delhi; Sage

Publications, co-edited with Eva Gerhard, University of Bielefeld,

Germany (forthcoming)


2013 - Globalisation, Education and Youth Employment (co-authored with

Angela Little) London: Routledge.


2008 - Youth, Peace and Sustainable Development in South Asia, Colombo.

CEPA (edited with an Introduction)


2007 - Tsunami Recovery in Sri Lanka: Retrospect and Prospect, Colombo:

SPARC and Action aid International.


2005 - Perspectives in Social Development in Sri Lanka, (ed.), SPARC:



2005a - School to Work Transition of Youth in Sri Lanka, (with Mayer, M and

Salih, M., Geneva: ILO.


2004a - Contemporary Social Crisis in Sri Lanka, Colombo: Godage & Sons (in



2004b - Improving Livelihoods, co- authored with Fernando,, Colombo:



2002 - Sri Lankan Youth; challenges and responses, co-edited with M. Mayer,

Colombo, FES.


2001 - Globalization, Electronic Media and Cultural Change: The Case of

Sri Lanka – (eds.) Hettige, S.T., Colombo: German Cultural Institute

2000b - Readership Survey of Sri Lanka 1997-98, Colombo: Ministry of

Cultural Affairs 2000a - Sri Lanka at Crossroads, co-edited with

M. Meyer, New Delhi: Macmillan


2000c - Voter Aspirations in Sri Lanka, Colombo: Fredrich Ebert Stiftung (FES).

1998 - Globalization, Social Change and Youth, (ed), Colombo; CASS/German

Cultural Institute.


1995 - The Blurring of a Vision: the Mahaweli; Economic, Social and Political

Implications, co-edited with H.P. Muller, Colombo: Sarvodaya



1992a - Unrest or Revolt : Some aspects of youth unrest in Sri Lanka,

a collection of essays edited by the applicant, published by

The German Cultural Institute, Colombo. (reprinted in 1996)

1992b - Social Aspects of Population Growth, monograph in Sinhala

Published by the Population Division, Ministry of Health, Colombo.


1984 - Wealth, Power and Prestige: Emerging patterns social inequality in a

peasant context, Colombo: Ministry of Higher Education.